Modelling the LB&SCR

Overview of Modelling the LB&SCR

This is an attempt to provide some basic information on models & kits that are available to help the enthusiast to build LB&SCR models in 2mm (N Gauge), 3mm (TT Gauge), 4mm (OO/EM/P4 gauges), S Gauge, 7mm (O Gauge) and 10mm scales (Gauge 1).

This information is offered with no comment as to the quality of any of the products.
Please check the suitability of any item before purchase.

If I have missed out any kit or model that you know of, or you have any corrections, then please let me know: Dave Searle

Many thanks to Eric Gates, Ed Hart & Ian White for their input and corrections.

This sections covers:

General items (suitable for various scales)

Not AvailablePre 1894 Loco Green2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P475)
AvailableStroudley Improved Engine Green2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P476)
Not AvailableStroudley Improved Engine GreenCherry Paints
New itemStroudley Improved Engine GreenCraftmaster
AvailableStroudley Lining Dark Olive2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P477)
AvailableStroudley Lining Dark OliveCraftmaster
Not AvailableStroudley Lining Red2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P478)
Not AvailableStroudley Lining Yellow2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P479)
AvailableStroudley Claret2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P480)
AvailableStroudley Tan for inside of cab2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P481)
Not AvailableStroudley Goods Green2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P482)
AvailableMarsh Umber2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P483)
Not AvailableMarsh UmberCherry Paints
AvailableMarsh Lining Brown2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P484)
Not AvailableMarsh Lining Gold2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P485)
Not AvailableMarsh Lining Yellow2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P486)
Not AvailableMarsh Vermilion2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P487)
AvailableMarsh Wagon Grey2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P488)
Not AvailableMarsh Wagon GreyCherry Paints
Not AvailableMarsh Black2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P489)
AvailableBlack2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P975)
AvailableMahogany2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P988)
AvailableWeathered Wood2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P990)
AvailableBuffer Beam Vermillion2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (P994)
AvailableLining Gold2018-03-08Phoenix Precision paints (Lining Gold)
Other parts in several scales
AvailableLocomotive transfersBlackham Transfers
New itemLocomotive transfersMike Waldron
AvailableSignalling parts Model Signal Engineering.
Special OrderNumber plates & Works platesBill Bedford (to order)
Special OrderNumber plates & Works platesGuilplates (to order)